Mischa Peters

Technical IT professional with more than 25 years experience in the field. Committed, an effective communicator and presenter with working experience throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and beyond. linkedin.com


Misbah Rehman

January 26, 2023, Misbah worked with Mischa but on different teams

I had a pleasure of working with Mischa at Alkira where he led our technical sales team in EMEA. I found him to be knowledgeable with great work ethics. He brought a a lot of positive energy to the team. I have always found him responsible and hardworking individual who consistently met and exceeded expectations. Because of his technical acumen and people skills, I would highly recommend him for any technical leadership role.

Syed Ali

January 17, 2023, Syed worked with Mischa on the same team

I had the pleasure to work with Mischa at Alkira and not only did he demonstrate strong technical acumen but a customer-focused mindset. I am confident he will excel in any role he decides to undertake.

David Klebanov

January 11, 2023, David worked with Mischa on the same team

I was fortunate to work with Mischa during his tenure at Alkira. Mischa is a passionate and knowledgeable technical leader. Drawing upon his industry skills and expertise, Mischa was instrumental in building out and expanding Alkira’s business in the EMEA region. I full-heartedly support his career aspirations.

William Collins

January 11, 2023, William worked with Mischa but on different teams

I had the opportunity to work with Mischa in a sales and technical capacity. In both of these areas, Mischa excelled and exceeded expectations. With his customer-first attitude, business acumen, and technical knowledge, he would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Michael Herman

October 10, 2022, Michael was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage Mischa directly

Mischa was one of the first people to welcome me at Netskope. His technical expertise is outstanding, his sense of humour and charisma supports his expertise in equal amounts. I would definitely recommend Mischa to any aspiring company looking for professionals.

Tamer Adil

January 9, 2022, Tamer reported directly to Mischa

I’ve has the pleasure of working with Mischa at Netskope. His positive attitude, work ethic, leadership skills and the ability to think outside the box were keys to success for our team. Mischa has been dedicated and committed employee of our company who has always be extremely responsive towards his duties. He has amazing leadership qualities with which he motivates his subordinates and brings out the best in each and every member of his team. He is always up and ready for new challenges and works hard towards contributing to the success of the organization I highly recommend Mischa for employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

Paolo Passeri

January 5, 2022, Mischa worked with Paolo in the same group

Mischa is one of the most talented professionals I have had the privilege and luck to work with. A real subject matter expert for multiple fields and a great and impactful presenter with customers and partners, thanks to his strong technical skills. There’s a lot to learn from Mischa, not to mention the fact that he is also a very pleasant colleague to work with, and thanks to his positive and cheerful attitude he contributes to the quality of the workplace. Last but not least I have also had the opportunity to see his leadership capabilities, and for sure that’s another point where he makes the difference.

Charbel Chekie

January 2, 2022, Charbel reported directly to Mischa

I have been super lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Mischa, one of the great and true leaders! Mischa has a great technical library with a full understanding of Markets and products. He keeps on amazing his entourage with his special technical tricks and suggestions. Mischa is an out of the box thinker and always persistent to success.

Amit Levy

January 9, 2020, Mischa worked with Amit in the same group

I was lucky to work alongside Mischa for 1.5 years. Besides his enchanting personality, high technical skills and business orientation, he’s the guy you would like “by your side” when growing a business. Prospects and customers would be captivated by his understanding of the market, their business needs and his presentation skills. Great asset to any company he would work for!

Alon Arvatz

January 9, 2020, Alon worked with Mischa in different groups

I had the pleasure of working with Mischa and strategizing IntSights future together with him. Mischa is a real professional, sharp, sophisticated and a great person to work with!

Florian Hammers

August 27, 2019, Florian reported directly to Mischa

It was a pleasure to have Mischa as my manager and as a colleague. He has deep technical skills, but even more important awesome soft skills to built up a team of strong individuals. Even in scary situations he kept cool and communicated clearly what should be done. Whenever I needed guidance he was happy to support me and in the rest of the time he kept my back free so that I could do my work self paced and in my own way. Really enjoyed that time and learned a lot!

Josh Leslie

August 6, 2019, Josh was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

Mischa worked on our Sales Engineering team in the early days of GTM at Cumulus. He was the first and only SE in the EMEA region at that time. Mischa was dedicated and smart, liked by customers and partners and respected by the product teams at HQ. He was the ideal early SE for EMEA for the Company.

Lance Phillips

31 July, 2019, Lance worked with Mischa in different groups

I had the pleasure of working with Mischa in a previous role. Mischa is a perfect blend of deep technical skills well balanced with a well rounded customer facing skill set. He is well suited to roll up his sleeves and dig in to resolve technical issues and then head into an exec office and deliver the RCA. I always found Mischa to be highly accountable and collaborative with a focus on the great good for both the customer and the company.

Stefaan Eens

July 30, 2019, Mischa worked with Stefaan in the same group

I worked with Mischa at A10 Networks. After I joined Cumulus Networks in 2014, I asked Mischa to join. Mischa is one of those exceptional system engineers that make all the difference. He is also a great personality and team manager/player. Highly recommended!!

Menachem Perlman

July 28, 2019, Mischa worked with Menachem in the same group

I worked with Mischa at LightCyber for couple of years, Mischa has a very unique and rare to find combination of technical and management experience, every challenge you will give him he will do it on the best side. You can trust him to take a project or task from a to z without any issue and deliver on time. In addition to all of that he’s fun person to work with, highly recommended.

Shira Kaplan

January 15, 2019, Shira worked with Mischa but at different companies

Mischa is my favorite Sales Engineer in the history of mankind! He is just SO GOOD at what he does! Such a pleasure to work with him. Warmly, Shira

Todd Craw

September 19, 2015, Todd managed Mischa directly

Mischa was my go to SE in EMEA when I was leading Product Management at A10 networks and it was my pleasure to manage him directly at Cumulus Networks. I always viewed him as a peer because he is a senior guy so I very much appreciated his support as his manager. He is motivated to take care of his customers and has deep experience in data center, networking, ADCs, etc. I highly recommend him to any organization.

Andre Stewart

January 1, 2015, Andre managed Mischa directly

At A10 Networks, Mischa was simply one of the best Engineers I have worked with. Mischa is a team player/manager and a big contributor capable of closing the most complex deals. The only mistake you can make with Mischa is under-estimate him!

Asoka De Saram

December 28, 2014, Mischa worked with Asoka in the same group

Mischa is one of those rare Systems Engineering talent that has the ability to understand and articulate networking technologies from Layer-1 through Layer-7. His breadth and depth of expertise in pre-sales and post-sales is unmatched. I have known Mischa in two different organizations, spanning more than a decade, with two different focus areas and he was a superstar in his role in both companies. I highly recommend Mischa for any type of a systems engineering, consulting engineering or a principle engineering role. Mischa is an amazing talent with even an outstanding can do attitude.

Allie Polubiec

October 17, 2014, Allie worked with Mischa in different groups

Mischa is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is always willing to provide feedback during the documentation review process, but it doesn’t stop there - he goes above and beyond. He regularly provides script examples with descriptions and useful comments, prompt and helpful answers to my questions, and suggestions for how to improve our documentation offering so we can offer the best possible experience to our customers. His constructive feedback has directly led to major enhancements in the documentation since I joined A10 Networks.

Eugene Song

September 24, 2014, Euegene worked with Mischa in different groups

Mischa is a very technical, hands-on, detailed, and thorough SE. He is honestly one of A10’s very best. I’ve worked with him on a number of cases, and he has always provided technical input where needed, account responsibility and did not just punt the case over the fence to TAC. His work in the EMEA and LATAM regions helped grow A10’s portfolio in revenue as well as our technical merit with quality POCs and dedication to making customers successful. Mischa is someone I can trust, and i know he will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Very easy to get along with, and i would recommend him to any of my friends, family and colleagues.

Brian Taggart

September 16. 2014, Brian worked with Mischa in different groups

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Mischa. Technically unmatched, highly responsive, and extremely polished. He is a natural leader.

Luca Profico

September 11, 2014, Mischa was senior to Luca but didn’t manage directly

Mischa is a top engineer with a deep knowledge on an very wide range of disciplines. Whether the subject is core network, application, security, TCL or the latest FreeBSD release, you can definitely rely on his experience and his willingness to help. Always friendly and available, a true team player. It is a pleasure and a honor working with him.

Harry Driedijk

September 11, 2014, Mischa worked with Harry in the same group

It is a privilege to write this recommendation for Mischa. Over the last years he has proven to be one of the best engineers within A10 Networks, a very skilled hands-on colleague and above all a very customer focussed attitude. Mischa is one of the rare engineers that has the ability to understand both the technical and commercial site of our business. On top of that Mischa is a very likeable person who sincerely cares about other people. He is always available to help close the business and has been a key contributor to the success of A10 Networks in my region.

Paul Nicholson

September 10, 2014, Paul worked with Mischa in different groups

Mischa combines multiple wish list characteristics for a senior engineer; technically adept, highly reliable, and a great team player. He has always been ready to assist, going above and beyond his regular role, a trusted resource, frequently adding value to our marketing initiatives and corporate goals.

Jay Sawyer

September 10, 2014, Jay worked with Mischa in different groups

Mischa is one of those engineers that puts 110% into everything he does. He is detailed, organized, extremely intelligent, proactive, insightful, hard working, and great to work with. No matter how difficult, or how tedious the project, Mischa has always displayed a strong sense of discipline and an extremely strong work ethic. I have no reservation whatsoever, in recommending Mischa for anything to anyone.

Carlos Bonavita

September 7, 2014, Carlos reported directly to Mischa

It was a very good experience to work with Mischa in A10 Networks, the professionalism he demonstrated was really over the standards. You can trust for sure on the quality of his work and always count on your support and he’s capable of facing any problem and find a solution that satisfies everyone. I’ll be happy to work with him again.

Mark Edge

September 2, 2014, Mark managed Mischa directly

Mischa is an outstanding person and engineer. I had the pleasure of working with him at A10 Networks. We joined at similar times and mutual former colleagues highly recommended him to me - they were not wrong.

He has fantastic technical depth and the ability to work with even the most challenging characters and have them understand his point of view. His work ethic is terrific and he does everything with a smile on his face and a positive attitude.

He is an asset to any organisation and I would both love to work with him again and would not hesitate to recommend him in the highest possible terms.

Arie de Groot

August 24, 2014, Arie worked with Mischa in different groups

Mischa is by far one of the best System Engineers I work with - highly respected within the organisation and with customers and always flexible and ready to help out when things get truly difficult. He’s a problem solver and builder with great people skills. The driving force and intelligence behind many of our large and successful projects throughout EMEA.

Fadi Hafez

August 20, 2014, Mischa worked with Fadi in the same group

Mischa Peters is one of the hardest working individuals I have had the luxury of working with. His knowledge in development/scripting/automation surpasses most programmers I have worked with in development roles.

Mischa also inhabits the rare ability to assist coworkers like nobody I have met. He has helped so many different Systems Engineers at A10 that his name has been a household name ever since I started working at A10 two and a half years ago.

Finally, Mischa is a friendly individual who is very easy to work with and has an inviting personality which explains why so many coworkers as well as customers are drawn to him. He is very humble in his demeanour.

Yasir Liaqatullah

August 15, 2014, Mischa worked with Yasir in the same group

Mischa is one of the most skilled systems engineer I have worked with. He has an extremely diverse knowledge base and experience, spanning not only networking, but also applications, scripting and management. In addition to his immense technical acumen he also has wonderful soft-skills. He culturally sensitive, easy to talk to and fun to work with. He is very approachable and is always willing to help and that makes him a great team player and an extremely valuable asset for the company

Angelo di Carlo

August 15, 2014, Mischa worked with Angelo in the same group

Without a doubt Mischa is one of the most skilled system engineers I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. He has been a pinnacle element in enabling the success of our organizations entire systems engineer community, and has always been the ‘goto’ guy when needing information about any technology topic from scripting to cloud. Mischa is a strong team player and together with his professionalism, I have no doubt his career will be filled with success.

John Huang

August 13, 2014, Mischa worked with John in the same group

Mischa is one of the smartest SEs I know in this business. Not just load balancing and networking, but his scripting skills have proved very valuable to all those around him. He’s always willing to help, which makes him a great asset for the company.

Keith Archer

August 11, 2014, Mischa worked with Keith in the same group

Mischa is without a doubt one of the best pre-sales people I have worked with since I entered the Internetworking space some 20 years ago.

Mischa shows unbelievable commitment to both problem solving and also supporting customers post implementation. Mischa is that rare breed of engineer who understands commercial drivers as well as technical ones and is able to quickly position himself to trusted adviser status.

Mischa has been directly responsible for helping close multiple million dollar projects at two organisations i have worked for and such is definitely someone i would want on my team.

Tony Kenyon

August 11, 2014, Tony managed Mischa directly

Mischa is a very accomplished engineer and a great team player. A highly respected mentor to other SEs, with a work rate second to none. He was promoted to principal SE engineer at A10 with a brief to parachute into major deals and solve complex technical challenges, something he repeatedly achieves without drama. Mischa is a real pleasure to work with.

Mike Thompson

August 11, 2014, Mike was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

Mischa is a phenomenal engineer who has a tremendous breath of experience and knowledge. He has the ability to dissect requirements and produce solutions to problems in very quick time-frame. He is disciplined in many areas and has the ability/aptitude to learn and apply theory quickly. His work ethic is very strong, great team player and is highly recommended.

Dan Greenwell

August 10, 2014. Dan worked with Mischa in different groups

Mischa is great to work with. He is highly technical but also very customer focused. He is great for TechPubs becsuse he cares about the content and helps keep it correct and up to date.

Salvatore Berti

June 20, 2012, Salvatore worked with Mischa in different groups

I met Mischa when I joined Foundry back in 2008 and worked closely with him for over 2 years and it’s always been a pleasure.

He’s by far one of the most talented System Engineer I’ve ever dealt with but he’s more than just that; along with a rock solid technical background and hands on skills comes an unmatched network of IT people that he’s built over the years.

He seems to know everyone in the Industry in the Region and everyone would hold him in very high consideration. It’s amazing.

I highly recommend Mischa; he’s one those guys a company would tremendously benefit from.

Peter Draper

March 20, 2012, Peter managed Mischa directly

I employed Mischa as a Senior Systems Engineer for northern Europe whilst building the EMEA SE team for EMEA at A10 Networks. Mischa is very rare individual that I would not hesitate to employ again or recommend to anyone considering working with him. Key attributes such as his deep (and broad) technical knowledge, excellent commercial acumen are great and bring excellent value to any team. However couple these with Mischa’s “can do attitude”, wonderful sense of humour and ability to work individually and as an integrated part of a team make him worth him weight in gold!

Andreas Falkner

Septmber 12, 2009, Andreas managed Miscgha directly

Mischa is a great SE to work with - absollutely reliable, very experienced and skilled with his long IT experience. First having worked together with Mischa back in the Ingrian/Cache Flow times I could learn from his professional background. This combined with his ability to independantly drive customer situations makes him a very valuable ressource in any team.

Gonzalo De Antonio

May 17, 2009, Gonzalo worked with Mischa in different groups

Mischa is a highly skilled professional. He is an expert in L4-L7 application switching, with high motivation and strong customer focus. It is great to have him in the EMEA SE team to provide support to new business opportunities

Julio Alba

May 14, 2009, Mischa worked with Julio in the same group

Mischa is a person who can be described as a motivated person. He love his work and his life, so everything he does it is done with the maximum quality and proffesionalism due to his own motivation and interest in doing things better than good. His work, his family, his environment count on Mischa as a very reliable person who is always there to help and to push beyond any limit.

As an SE, we is able to find easily the customer needs and to focus on those points, designing the best solution for them and matching everyone requirements. He also likes technology, so he loves to test new things and technologies making him a very updated person in any new wave that could appear.

For me it is really to pleasure to work with him and I hope to continue working with him for many years.

Andreas Pady

May 7, 2009, Mischa worked with Andreas in the same group

Mischa is a brilliant colleague with expert knowledge. Always a pleasure to work with him.

Joerg Ammon

April 29, 2009, Mischa worked with Joerg in the same group

It is a pleasure to be in the same team with Mischa. He is highly motivated, highly skilled and always ready to help out and take responsibility, when required. His communication is clear and his team spirit is exceptional.

Leif Seger

April 29, 2009, Mischa worked with Leif in the same group

Mischa is a great technician and a nice colleague. He is the guy we trust and need when it comes to L4-7 in the Nordics. This is valid for customer presentations as well as hands-on. I really enjoy working with him.

James Todd

April 3, 2008, Mischa worked with James in the same group

Mischa and I were instrumetal in getting CipherTrust up and running in Europe. I found Mischa very dynamic, responsive and willing to go the extra mile whilst having fun. We had a great time and did some great business, I’d have no problem working with Mischa again in the future.

Hanno Liem

January 21, 2008, Hanno managed Mischa directly

Mischa is pure gold! A joy to work with, professional, calm, honest, funny, reliable and insanely competent. He has a sharp, analytical mind and always delivers. I wholeheartedly recommend him, for I honestly believe he is an asset to any team.

Tobias van Hoogen

August 25, 2007, Mischa and Tobias worked in the same group

Knowing Mischa for over ten years, both as friend and colleague, I can recommend him with great confidence as a person with great technical en personal skills. He is a very professional engineer with deep knowledge about the systems he works with, combining this with a special ability to translate this towards sales & costumers. A combination one does not often see in this field of work where this ‘bridge’ is most needed.

Most of all & added bonus: he’s a real fun person to work with.

Rich Holstein

June 11, 2007, Rich was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

Mischa is a technically brilliant engineer. He really understands how to support customers in the sales and implementation processes.

Christian Tan

August 30, 2006, Christian was a client of Mischa’s

We depend on high5 for hosting our production servers and we are very happy with the dedication, knowledge and service that Mischa has given us. Also Postfix Admin, one of his creations has made managing our mail servers a lot easier.

Carrie Oakes

August 10, 2007, Carrie was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

Mischa is one of the best SE’s in our company. He understands our technologies, he brings value to our Product Management team with new and interesting feature requests, and the best thing is that his customers are very happy with Blue Coat because of Mischa’s commitment and talent.

Remco van Mook

July 27, 2006, Remco worked with Mischa but at different companies

High5 just rocks. Been around longer than most people know what ‘streaming media’ means.

Felipe Tribaldos

July 20, 2006, Mischa was senior to Felipe but didn’t manage directly

Mischa is definately a top gun !! He was a member for the original Livingstone team in EMEA. Mischa has always been a dynamic individual an always willing to go the extra mile. He was always willing to assist in new projects and take on new challenges.

Martin Kuiper

July 18, 2006, Martin was a client of Mischa’s

Mischa is a talented multimedia expert and extremely helpfull. His work for FaceCulture is of the highest level. I highly recommend him!

Graham Davidson

July 17, 2006, Mischa worked with Graham in the same group

Mischa is a highly motivated & skilled individual, introducing many new internal systems to make the EMEA SE division share and work more efficiently. His approach to work is faultless, and overcomes any day to day challenges with ease. It is a pleasure to work with Mischa within Blue Coat Systems.

Dave Stanley

July 14, 2006, Dave managed Mischa directly

Mischa was an excellent employee. He was well regarded and respected by the team both for his technical ability and personality. Mischa helped us through a difficult transition with his dedications, determination, skills and wit. I would certainly employ Mischa again and would recommend him to a potential employee.

Roel van der Made

July 13, 2006, Roel worked with Mischa but at different compannies

Mischa is very enthousiatic and knowledgeable person who will always find an answer or solution which suits your needs. Highly recommended!

Bas van der Linden

July 13, 2006, Bas worked with Mischa but at different companies

I have come to know Mischa as very knowledgeable and driven.

One of the things that strikes me most about him is his passion to get it right; he will not stop until everything goes as it should.

That and the fact that he’s able to see beyond the task at hand and look at the overall picture makes him a rarity in this business, one I’m proud of to know!

Yogi Chandiramani (2)

July 13, 2006, Yogi managed Mischa directly

Mischa is a very dedicated person. it is a pleasure to work with him for his creative ideas and also very prefesional personality. Mischa has helped us to scale our business and build our success. I would strongly recommend Mischa for any technical and management role.

Loek Derks

July 13, 2006, Loek was a client of Mischa’s

Mischa is one of those old-skool, hard-core internet security gurus, that gives great support and straight to the point advice. Exactly what we need!

Carrie Oakes

March 23, 2005, Carrie was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

Mischa was an amazing SE for Blue Coat, I was always impressed with his commitment to the companies success and understanding of customer needs.

Maria Serrano

February 1, 2005, Mischa worked with Maria in the same group

Mischa is someone I can truly recommend. During the time we worked together, he proved his outstanding knowledge on networking and being a quick learner. He was the person to ask in complicated cases, when no one else would be able to have the right answer. Besides his technical skills, he is also a good team member: he is always willing to help, while keeping in mind the goals of the group.

George Daum

November 28, 2004, George managed Mischa directly

Mischa was Ingrian’s first employee in Europe. He helped sign channel partners, train them, and built relationships with them. Mischa was a very important part of Ingrian’s team. Feel free to contact me for a reference.

Lotten Elmstedt

October 31, 2004, Lotten worked with Mischa in different groups

Mischa and I worked together on a few European wide projects, he is very dedicated and responsive. Has great communication skills together with deep technical knowledge. I appreciated working with Mischa and would love to work with him again.

David Goguen

October 30, 2004, Mischa worked with David in the same group

Mischa was a strong asset to the team. He proved to have a pleasant customer presence, strong technical understanding of systems and protocols and could adapt easily in a stressful environment. I would gladly work with Mischa again.

Michael Leonard

October 27, 2004, Michael worked with Mischa in different groups

I worked on a project with Mischa and found him to be knowledgeable and diligent. Thanks to his assistance the project was successful. Mischa was respected by his co-workers and by customers. I would recommend him with out reservation.

Dale Taormino

October 26, 2004, Dale was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

Mischa and I worked together for 2 years at Lucent. He was a motivated and enthusiastic member of the team, and well as technically bright and creative. He was eager to take on new challenges and consistently performed well.

Rod Murchison (2)

October 25, 2004, Rod was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

I have worked with Mischa Peters at 2 companies in the past, and he is absolutely a top-notch employee. Excellent combination of technical expertise and strong dedication to the customer.

Laurens Pit

September 16, 2004, Laurens was a client of Mischa’s

In the five years I’ve been at High5! as a client (hosting email, dns, and websites) I’ve never had a worry. Non-intrusive service delivery at it’s best!

Rod Murchison (1)

August 21, 2004, Rod was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

Mischa did a great job at Ingrian Networks. Pretty much handled Europe all by himself!

Jochen Pohle

August 15, 2004, Jochen was a client of Mischa’s

Mischa manages our email for about 5 years now. As a small company we are very lucky that we have found someone who delivers email services that are highly available and include features that only the big ISPs can offer. And the best thing is that the service is improving all the time.

Ben Vaux

August 13, 2004, Ben managed Mischa directly

Mischa is a hard working, dependable and conscientious individual. When working for me he demonstrated the highest level of technical ability and professionalism. His approachability and humor also make him a pleasure to know and work with.

Yogi Chandiramani (1)

August 5, 2004, Yogi managed Mischa directly

Mischa has very strong technical skills and also good presentation skills enabling him to drive succesful projects. His flexibility and profesionalism were appreciated by our customers.

Alan Truman

August 4, 2004, Alan was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

Mischa Peters performed extremely well in this position. He did a great job of applying his knowledge and leading the Systems Engineers to achieve customer satisfaction. I would absolutely hire him again.

Frans ter Borg

August 4, 2004, Frans worked with Mischa but at different companies

Mischa is an systems and networking fanatic. He makes sure that even the most interesting challenges posed to him by salespeople around him are implemented properly.

Roland Schaller

August 4, 2004, Roland was senior to Mischa but didn’t manage directly

Mischa is a very skillful and helpful engineer, and his technical curiosity as well as his sense of the customer are a very positive contribution to any organisation.

Jos de Bruijne

July 28, 2004, Jos was a client of Mischa’s

In that job he was a very helpfull engineer. He was dedicated to the problems that he was responsible for. He kept things up-to-speed, and it was always a pleasure to work with him. Also, when we asked him, he stepped into his car and came to holland to meet with our customers.

Craig Stewart

July 27, 2004, Craig managed Mischa directly

Mischa was an outstanding employee, technically excellent and always prepared to go the extra mile for a customer. If I had only been able to convince him to move to the UK he would still be working for Blue Coat. I would hire Mischa again in a minute and would recommend him unreservedly.

Morgan Flager

July 21, 2004, Mischa worked with Morgan in the same group

Mischa was great to work with and very dedicated to the Ingrian’s success. He was always professional and technically astute.