Mischa Peters

Technical IT professional with more than 20 years experience in the field. Committed, an effective communicator and presenter with working experience throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and beyond. linkedin.com


Shira Kaplan

January 15, 2019, Shira worked with Mischa but at different companies.

Mischa is my favorite Sales Engineer in the history of mankind! He is just SO GOOD at what he does! Such a pleasure to work with him. Warmly, Shira

Todd Craw

September 19, 2015, Todd managed Mischa directly.

Mischa was my go to SE in EMEA when I was leading Product Management at A10 networks and it was my pleasure to manage him directly at Cumulus Networks. I always viewed him as a peer because he is a senior guy so I very much appreciated his support as his manager. He is motivated to take care of his customers and has deep experience in data center, networking, ADCs, etc. I highly recommend him to any organization.

Andre Stewart

January 1, 2015, Andre managed Mischa directly.

At A10 Networks, Mischa was simply one of the best Engineers I have worked with. Mischa is a team player/manager and a big contributor capable of closing the most complex deals. The only mistake you can make with Mischa is under-estimate him!

Asoka De Saram

December 28, 2014, Mischa worked with Asoka in the same group.

Mischa is one of those rare Systems Engineering talent that has the ability to understand and articulate networking technologies from Layer-1 through Layer-7. His breadth and depth of expertise in pre-sales and post-sales is unmatched. I have known Mischa in two different organizations, spanning more than a decade, with two different focus areas and he was a superstar in his role in both companies. I highly recommend Mischa for any type of a systems engineering, consulting engineering or a principle engineering role. Mischa is an amazing talent with even an outstanding can do attitude.